Urgent help needed to care for the roughly 700 dogs we rescued from Yulin

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More than anything, dogs need love, acceptance, and affection. Opening your home to one of our rescues is the greatest gift you can give.

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Running a rescue is a lot of work and we can always use an extra hand. If you would like to get involved, we have plenty of opportunities.

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We are a non-profit foundation. Your tax deductible donations literally save lives by helping us rescue and care for more dogs. Your support is appreciated!

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And we try, because in the end it is that important.

Crushed for forty hours the entire journey, his feet were... https://t.co/d1v3aO7GfE

We would like to thank @redhattercrew and @Katie_Cleary for their very generous donations. We are honored to have such amazing supporters.

A movement is only as great as the people that make up the foundation. A belief, only as strong as the those that... https://t.co/nmLv4fX2Vz

And I will never understand, the things people do to animals. The cruelty that is seen. The things as human... https://t.co/fBfy7WT4WL

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