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General Questions

How can I help?

What do you need?

We are always in need of cleaning products, small blankets, and toys for our dogs. All of our dogs and cats are on grain-free food that is minimally processed and as close to human grade as possible.

We welcome any donations that you may feel our dogs and cats in our care will need. Anything that we cannot use for whatever reason is donated to our local animal shelter.

How do I volunteer?

Our volunteer program is currently being worked on and until then we do welcome help throughout the day with walks, cleaning and socializing. Come in and sign in. Check back with our website on any updates regarding our volunteer opportunities.

AHWF will be glad to work with you if you are currently in a probation program or need a number of services hours to complete for school credit.

I found a dog/cat/bird/squirrel/there are ducks in my pool can you take them in?

We do not take in stray or lost animals. Please be respectful to the limits that we have to impose as it is an expense that we cannot physically nor financially maintain.

The best thing you can do is to take the animals to a shelter where it may have a greater chance of being located by its owner. For any feral animals that belong in the wild, contact Wildlife Preservation.

Adoption FAQ

I submitted my application. When will I hear back?

You will get a response acknowledging that your application has been received. Due to the high volume of applicants and inquiries received on a daily basis, if you are believed to be the best fit possible you should get a response within 2-3 business days.

I am out of the country/out of state and would like to adopt.

We adopt all over the country and have also had many successful adoptions to Canadian residence. We do not ship any of our dogs nor do we admit our dogs to ride in cargo. Potential adopters must be willing to make the trip out to our location is Sherman Oaks California to meet with us and arrange transportation for their trip back wit the dog.

Donation Questions

How to manage your donation

If you registered when you made your donation you may manage your donations here.  If you did not register you may contact us for changes or questions.

How to donate by check

You can pay by cash or cheque.

Please make cheques payable to:

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation
4344 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Planning a Fundraiser to Benefit AHWF?

Your passion and commitment make Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation possible and the rescue of thousands of animals from unspeakable abuse, torture and death. We are deeply grateful to the countless individuals across the United States and the globe who have reached out to their communities, spread awareness among their friends, colleagues and neighbors, and singlehandedly taken on fundraisers to benefit AHWF.

We hope the following will answer your questions and aid in making your event a great success, whether a run, car wash, spin competition, puppy parade, or a percentage of proceeds from your business.

Can I ask for donations directly from AHWF website?

Yes, you can create a “Personal Campaign Page” by going to:

Donations directly received by us are fully tax-deductible.

Can I use Facebook to fundraise for AHWF?

You can post on your FB page where you can receive donations for AHWF. You would then send us a check. You alone as the donor would then receive the tax-exemption for the charitable donation.

Or you may choose to ask supporters to go directly to our website , click on the donation page: , fill out the form and donate directly to us. (This is the best option.)

Can donors send AHWF a check?

Yes, please mail to:

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

Attn: Jessica Cazares

14456 Ventura Boulevard

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

What proof of AHWF’s nonprofit, tax-exempt status must I provide in my publicity?

On ALL notices indicate our EIN 46-4915929. This is our US tax-exempt determination number. Donations are considered to be deductible from US taxes.

In my role as a Fundraiser and Event Manager, can I utilize AHWF’s IRS Tax-Exempt Determination Letter for Business/Corporate Sponsors I approach to help fray my expenses?

We prize your initiative and activism, and wish to be helpful and supportive. However, AHWF operates with a small staff, so that our donors’ money goes where it is needed most – saving and caring for animals in danger. It is not feasible for us to adopt the many events around the world benefiting the Foundation.

Our IRS Tax-Exempt Determination Letter can be used only when AHWF runs the event and is the official host.

As an individual in charge of your event and independent of AHWF, you will be responsible for covering the expenses of your event. Usually, expenses are deducted from the revenue raised.

What can AHWF provide me to promote my event?

You are free to take any text or images from our website. Additionally, we can provide you with information on current projects and needs, and the latest on Marc’s activities, and post your event on our FB page.

Can Marc Ching participate in my event?

Marc is often in Asia and other foreign trips engaged in critical rescue and advocacy missions. However, other representatives of AHWF may be able to participate in your event. It is best to provide us with your event description, numbers to be reached in your community, and your full contact information.

How do I assure that donations go directly to the animals?

We believe in complete transparency. Our IRS tax form, called the “990”, is posted on our website.

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