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Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation have a shelter located in Changsha, China run by Suki Su. At the shelter there are 200 plus dogs that have all been rescued from the biggest slaughterhouses in Northern China. Here, the dogs get treated, cared for and patiently await their fur-ever homes.

Ms. Suki Su is leader of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation China. She has cared for the Yulin survivors for a year, tending to them with love. She quit her job to heal the victims; she has given her entire life to the cause, sacrificing for the belief that compassion is everything and love is enough.

Suki Su and a band of volunteers, made up of locals and family, have been renovating the shelter in efforts to be functioning properly and efficiently. Currently the shelter is minimal in resources and is also lacking many vital items such as multiple sinks to help with the aid of hundreds of dogs. Together the team is working daily to improve the shelter as quickly as possible in preparation for the dogs that will be rescued during the Yulin Festival this June.

At the shelter there are three buildings to house the dogs; all hold 100-125 dogs depending on size and compatibility.  A quarantine area is available for the dogs that need to be kept separate due to poor health conditions. In the city of Changsha there is no vet hospital for its residents to take their pets too. AHWF plans to one day eventually be the hospital where they can come. With the help of Dr. Lu, the on site vet at the shelter, the citizens of Changsha can have animal care for their pets.

In addition to the shelter, there is also a volunteer house and education center on the property. This house was Suki’s childhood home that her and her family graciously donated to AHWF. Here volunteers can stay while lending their time helping with the dogs and the day- to- day upkeep. This house is also a place where people can be educated on the trade, animals and be taught the importance of compassion through animals.  Students can visit and learn about why it is important to protect animals and how as young people they can make a difference. Working with the youth will give AHWF a better understanding in how to approach the government. But most importantly, it allows the chance to educate future generations. Teach compassion now- instead of spending decades trying to unravel tradition.

“The greatest thing about yesterday [a visit with students], was watching the way love transcends borders. How when we are young, there is no race. No hate. No gender. No sexism. No tradition or values we are bound to. Only truth.”- Marc Ching


In May, students from a local school will begin coming to the shelter and will make monthly visits.

“As we conversed with those in attendance, we learned many had dogs. And that much of their pets, stolen and pushed into the meat trade.” Marc Ching

Executive Director Valarie Ianniello traveled to the shelter and documented her trip showing all supporters what resources the shelter needs to be functioning properly.  Through the help of donations and volunteers the shelter will reach its potential and help to house all the survivors of Yulin.

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