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Scout's Story

I just wanted to update you on Scout, formerly Buddy. Where do I begin? First, let me say that my heart explodes with love every single day. He just wakes up every morning and makes it the best day ever. He is so grateful for love and kindness, which inspires us to be more loving and more kind. He loves his sisters, Brackett the black lab and Olive the hound/husky mix, but prefers little dogs to bigger ones! When we brought him home it was a little bit of an adjustment for him. He had some aggression issues that were 100% understandable. For a few weeks he had to be on a leash just to eat his food! I learned quickly that he really wants to be a good dog and from there I was able to train him and teach him that he will ALWAYS get fed, his sisters will not crush him (poor guy), and that he is safe in our home. He knows he has to sit and give me a high five before he can eat and we are still teaching him to not bully his sister Brackett, she is such a gentle giant! He is soooo easily trainable and definitely knows what the word ‘no’ means. He knows he can’t steal toys, or food that has been dropped on the ground, and he is still learning that he can’t eat his own poop (gross, I know).

He has gotten use to going on walks but loves them more when they are over and he can be a couch potato, just like his mama! His favorite snacks are carrots, apples, bananas, and lettuce (I wish I ate as healthy as he does!). He is tough and brave but not so much adventurous, although we see more and more of his personality shine every day! He mostly enjoys observing the world in my arms. We got him a little dog back pack so he doesn’t have to miss out on the fun, he LOVES bike rides!

I’m sure you all remember him as being so full of energy and always willing to take a belly rub from pretty much everyone. He is still the same and will grab your hand if you stop. He is a strong little guy! I can convince him to pretty much give up anything in exchange for a belly rub. He is getting to be so naughty, and I have to admit its the most adorable thing ever. He loves to take trash out of the bins in the bathrooms and he has just discovered that he can climb on top of the dining room table. Its hilarious!

He is terrified of sticks, fly swatters, tin foil, measuring tape, and men with hats. It breaks my heart to see him turn into a completely different dog! Everyone in our neighborhood knows his story so they make sure to take their hats off when they greet him. He has even spent some time with construction workers in the neighborhood to gain back some trust that was lost during his time in S. Korea. Most importantly, he knows he is safe with me and that always makes me so happy. I always seize any opportunity to share his story and all that you guys do for these amazing souls! My husband is deployed right now and Scout has just been my saving grace. It is impossible to have a bad day with him around. He is a constant reminder to forgive and to choose happiness. His transition into our family has been absolutely perfect. Our girls just sort of took to him like “oh, we’ve been waiting for you!” From morning until night they are all running around and playing. Scout loves chewing on Olive’s ears, haha!

From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to Marc for saving him and thank you to AHWF for taking such amazing care of him and allowing us to fly over there to bring him home! Who would have thought so much joy could come from a 12 pound furry little guy? This next year we will be moving 3 times with a final move to the UK for a few years. Scout will be in for quite an adventure. He actually adapts to new environments the best! I found an airline that allows small dogs in the cabin on international flights so he will be snuggled up with me the entire time! I am sorry to have written the longest email EVER. I just wanted to brag about our sweet boy and to tell you just how much this one little dog has completely changed our lives in so many ways. I’m sure he doesn’t, but if Marc ever has any doubt if whether or not he is making a difference please know that he has made the most profound difference in my life and my family’s life just by saving Scout. I am forever changed because of him. I have tears in my eyes writing just writing this out!

We plan on moving to California when Josh gets out of the military and I so hope to volunteer with you all and adopt more dogs, shh don’t tell Josh. I’m currently cut off from adopting dogs! I’ve attached a document with pics! Hopefully you all are able to see them 🙂

Love always!

Margie, Josh, Brackett, Olive, and of course Scout.

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