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Mika's Story

This is a love story of two souls born in Asia, migrated to America, and found each other on a quiet grassy hill in Connecticut.

No one knows much about Mika’s past – not when he was born, nothing about his family lineage. He doesn’t talk much about it, but it’s obvious he’s been through a lot of hurt.  They say he was saved from certain death at the infa-mous Yulin Festival in China. His first photo shows him dirty and unkempt.

Kind hearts liberated Mika and swooped him to safety in the U.S. For a few months, he stayed with friends. Slowly regaining his strength and confidence in peo-ple and in himself.

One hot July, Alena went in search of a friend. She looked online, visited a couple of places, browsed through photos… She didn’t know what she was looking for until she saw him. She knew then, there was no one else for her.  He took a while to warm up to her. He’s been hurt before, after all. After a week of visits, she took matters into her own hands and brought him home.

As I write this, she’s uncertain. “Why doesn’t he love me?”

With wisdom from years of love and heart-break and finding love again, I reassure her, “Give him time. Once he feels safe with you, he will love you. With all his heart and soul. Forever.”

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