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China Microchip Canine Initiative


The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF) is introducing a Canine Microchip Program in an effort to protect family pets from being kidnapped, tortured, and slaughtered for meat consumption in mainland China.

Our program will be implemented in specific target cities where the problem is most prevalent: Hunan, Guangdong, Shanxi, Nanjing, Changchun, Sichuan, and many others with Foshan being the supposed distribution center. We have constructed a map (see below), identifying key provinces in which our microchip initiative will be available to pet owners at zero charge.

Part of the program will center on our partnering with local vets within these regions in order to set up “Microchip Clinics” where AHWF will provide microchips to pet owners free of charge. We will invite veterinarians from around the world to join us, working along side local vets to implant the microchips.

Each microchip will be registered, identifying both pet and owner. Contact information will be uploaded into a global database that can be accessed by our foundation and the pet owners, as well as participating activist groups.

It has been speculated that roughly 80% of the dogs transported into Yulin for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival are stolen pets. The aim of our Microchip Program is to provide the Chinese Government with indisputable evidence that this is in fact true, with the expectation that the government would then make a more concerted effort to protect its’ citizens and their property (their pets).

The project is set to begin in January, and will be funded solely by the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation with absolutely no cost to the government, its’ citizens, or other local activist groups.

Our microchip initiative will also concentrate on transport trucks headed for the upcoming Yulin Dog Meat Festival. In order for this program to be successful, AHWF will be meeting with local governments to speak about initiative aspects. We need cooperation in regards to creating checkpoints on various roads/highways leading into Yulin. All trucks transporting dogs will be stopped by designated authorities, where the dogs checked will be scanned for microchips.

If any of the dogs are microchipped, we request the following actions:

1) The Driver of the truck carrying the microchipped dog(s) be arrested immediately for possession of stolen property.

2) The microchipped dog(s), identified through our database, be reunited with their family.

3) The trucks transporting any microchipped dog(s) be confiscated and re-routed to local rescue groups pre-approved by AHWF. Participating local groups will assume responsibility and care for the dogs.

The end goal and objective of this initiative is to provide proof to the government that personal property (pets) are being stolen, and to establish specific consequences to those involved in the trade. We believe that the Chinese government has a duty to protect their citizens and their property, with the hope that this initiative leads to the eventual passing of legislation banning the slaughter and consumption of dogs.

While some claim eating dog meat to be traditional, dogs have assumed a different status and place in society, and have become family members to many Chinese. We believe the government will rise to the occasion, and work to put legislation in place to protect those that proudly live within the country.



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