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The Miracle of Jai Hope

the miracle of jai hopeI would have had a tragic, short & painful life had I stayed in China. No one wanted me there. The cruel person who had authority over me thought I was worthless, so he decided to throw me (as hard as he could) against a wall to kill me. He almost succeeded…I almost died.

I was so lucky because an earth Angel named Marc Ching (who had actually witnessed my attempted murder) appeared out of nowhere (like angels do). He rescued me as I lied motionless on the ground approaching death’s doorstep. He held me in his arms and assured me I was going to be ok. It’s the first time I felt a loving touch from a human. It gave me Hope. Marc must have known this because he named me Hope.

It was a miracle; Marc got me to a vet just in time to save me. I had to stay in ICU for three months…can you imagine!? It was a long time to be in the hospital and pretty lonely. I just knew if I pulled through; there was a better life for me. I hung on and got better because I desperately wanted to feel that love again.

Fast forward to about eight months later…my life is pretty wonderful. When I first came to America, I got to live with Marc, and his amazing children & wife. It was like a dream.

Then, one day, Marc told me there was someone out there who had a giant heart and no dog to love and he needed to connect us. He posted my story on this thing called Face Book, and was able to find me the most loving Mommy & Daddy a little guy could want.

They dote on me non stop. I have tons of toys that I love playing with every second of every day (back in China, I didn’t even know they made toys for dogs). I have a best friend named Cubby, I get the best food ever with lots of treats & snacks throughout the day. My mommy takes me in her padded bike basket to ride along the Ocean (can you imagine I live by the beach now) and I sleep in bed between my mommy & daddy’s heads.  I like that spot a lot. I go on walks every day but I prefer to be carried, what can I say? It’s a better view from higher up. Oh & something really neat, I recently just experienced two vacations (I go on vacations now!)….I was in Ojai, California and the air was so clean. There was so much wildlife everywhere, it was heaven. I just ran around in circles on the grass & couldn’t stop trying to eat flies.

My parents are amazed at my pure loving spirit & sweetness and that I don’t hold any grudge from my horrible past. I always tell them it’s because I am so happy to be loved, cuddled & cared for…I’m in heaven now so who cares about the past! My parent’s decided to add to my name and I now go by Mr. Jai Hope. My mommy is a yogi and Jai is Sanskrit for Victory! I like it…who would have thought a dog from China would have an Indian name?!

Let my story inspire you that even when you seem stuck or are dealing with something horrible, you can overcome whatever is bad is in your life. Have Hope always because Hope will lead you to Victory! I’m living proof of that. Oh & please support my earth angel Marc, he’s so incredible & I am forever grateful to him & there are still so many dogs that need his help out there.

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