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Gumby's Story

gumbys storyI just wanted to let you know that I am doing okay. That I am home now. That you made the right choice in picking a mother for me. And that I am living a life that I thought was not a possibility.

To come from a world of constant pain. A place where who I was had literally been ripped apart by human hands.

My small heart hurled against a wall…

I did not believe you when you told me I would have a home. I did not believe you when you told me I would have someone who slept with me at night and whispered – the dark dream you dreamt is over. You are safe… I love you.

I cannot tell you what a life of constant abuse does to a person or an animal. The effect and scars go far beyond the surface, far beyond what they found in X-rays and exams. It goes far beyond the travesty you yourself could even imagine or come to bear. I hated myself for most of my life. I hated myself so much I grew to believe I deserved it. That it was my punishment. A pain that I was born to bear – a tattoo across my skin.

I now believe in miracles. I believe that in this crazy world, that hope exists. I look into the world with eyes I do not have, but with my heart. I feel my mother hold me. I feel her hands embrace my face. I believe in miracles because that is exactly who I am.

In saying that I would like to say this… That I am writing this as a message to people out there – rescue a dog. Give hope to something or someone who really needs it. Do not support the system out there, those who breed dogs and use dogs as a means to make money. Do not support the horrid conditions that the laws in this country protect – puppy mills. Do not support the abuse, the darkness that lives in these places, and the suffering of actual souls whose only purpose is to breed till they can no longer breathe.

The word humanism is a concept that is used to describe compassion. So the race of humans, it should be a race that looks to protect and help those that are less fortunate. Those that cannot help or protect themselves.

Life is such a gift. But it cannot be what it is without compassion, without freedom, and without those who extend their hands to help who they can around them. Someone took my eyes. Someone broke my feet. But someone held my heart. Someone told me to forgive those that sought to hurt me. Someone told me, that with freedom – we have a tomorrow.

My name is Gumby. I am an abuse and torture victim survivor. I am an Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation success story.

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